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Active in quality for over more than 40 years ...

Our company was established in accordance with the philosophy that the study, the development, and the production of Chlorella and also to penetrate Chlorella into the dietary life will truly lead to the health and the happiness of human beings.

Since the 1960's, regarding Chlorella, a lot of people has experienced the nutritive effectiveness and the effect on human bodies. Many scientific studies in Chlorella have also been announced.

The name of Chlorella has infiltrated Japan up to the point that there is no one who doesn't know it, and it has been called the king of health foods. Our factory in Ishigaki Island is producing the high quality Chlorella powder with over 40 years of study, high level production system, updated production facilities.

Our factory is blessed with the rich environment such as pure water rich in minerals, the transparent air and the abundant sunshine. As our motto of 'A company, which contributes to the health of all the people' and 'an enterprise which harmonizes and lives in symbiosis with the nature that Okinawa is proud of', we will adhere to the way of the outdoor natural cultivation.

Chlorella Yaeyama acquired the ISO9001-HACCP certification since December 2004.
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